promo code orange flex

Promo code Orange Flex

Get 30 PLN credit or 1 month free!


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  • Zloty
    30 PLN
  • Euro
    6 €


  • Poland
    30 GB
  • EU
    5.76 GB


  • Poland
  • EU


  • Poland
  • EU

*prices and information for lowest fare.


The Orange Flex promo code gives you 1 month of free use!

Orange Flex is a flexible tariff plan from the leading mobile operator Orange, which provides a wide range of mobile communication services to its subscribers at affordable prices. The cost of Orange Flex starts from 30 zlotys, which is equivalent to 7 USD. By using the promo code, you will immediately receive 30PLN credited to your account.

With Orange Flex, you can choose your tariff, selecting only what you need. All tariff plans include unlimited calls and SMS/MMS within Poland and the European Union. The tariff plan depends only on the internet traffic according to your needs, and you pay only for what you really use.

With the Orange Flex tariff plan, you get access to high-speed internet in Poland and while roaming throughout Europe, which allows you to stay in touch with friends and family anywhere in the EU.

Orange Flex is very convenient to connect. To connect, you don’t need to go to the office, just download the app on your mobile phone. This is very convenient for tourists who want to stay connected from the moment of arrival in Poland and other European countries. The connection is made using the E Sim technology, which can be added directly from the application.

Also, within the Orange Flex tariffs, you can connect multiple SIM cards, or use the E-Sim technology.

In some European countries, it is cheaper to use Orange Flex roaming than to buy a SIM card from a local operator.

Choose the Orange Flex tariff plan and always stay connected!